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Oahu Itinerary 

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Our Oahu Itinerary 

We spent 6 days in Oahu, thats including our flight in and out.  On the last day we were able to squeeze in a hike before our flight. The inter-island flights are very convenient and flew out almost every hour. We wished we could have squeezed in a few more activities while we were there. We wanted to go to the Pearl Harbor Exhibit, Hanauma Bay and other hiking trails. Click on our itinerary to get more info on the activity. 


We arrived late at night. We decided to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some essentials:

  • Quick breakfast options

  • Snacks for hikes and road trips

  • Any items we may have forgotten to bring or did not want to put into our luggage


Whenever we travel we like to check out the local McDonalds ​

  • Try different menu options: taro pie, spam breakfast and different burger choices

  • Helps with reducing the budget of the trip

  • Quick meal when on a tight schedule

Driving in Oahu

Driving in Oahu is a pretty easy drive. Nothing too special to note besides certain places with sharp turns. Driving in Oahu is quite entertaining and can be considered an excursion of its own. The luscious green mountains and blue sapphire ocean makes driving all that enjoyable. 

  • Watch your speed, cops seem pretty active on the road

  • Give yourself extra time coming out of Honolulu because of the traffic

  • Most hotels charge for parking

  • Opt for a convertible if possible

Wal Mart

Polynesian Culture Center

A great cultural experience where you experience 7 villages each with its own different Polynesian Cultures.

  • Full day event 

  • Different packages to choose from

  • Packages include Luau Buffet & Dinner Show

    • Buffet dinner of local dishes​

    • We had a good time, but there are other places considered to provide a better Luau experience

    • Entertaining dinner show

  • Packages also include the "Ha: Breath of Life" Show at night

    • Beautiful show about Hawaiian Culture 

    • We sat at Ali'I Luau seating section, anywhere you sit seems to have a great view of the show

Polynesian Culture Center

We really enjoyed this restaurant, a fusion brunch restaurant  

  • 1.5 hour including lineup

  • Tight little restaurant, arrive early to avoid line up

  • Everything we ordered was delicious 

Koko Head Cafe

Kuliouou Ridge Trail

Kuliouou Ridge Trail 

  • 3-4 hour hike

  • Relatively easy hike, certain parts had a steep incline

  • About a 1,800 foot ascent

  • Bring snacks and lots of water

Sasabune Sushi

Omakase style sushi 

  • 2 hour dinner

  • Chef's choice 13 course dinner 

  • Make reservations if you can

  • You do not have to complete the full 13 course dinner. There was a lot of food!

Explore Waikiki Beach

Beautiful area in Honolulu

  • 3+ hours

  • Enjoy shopping on Kalakaua Ave. while taking in the amazing beach-cityscape 

  • Events almost everyday and night

  • Try surfing at the famous Waikiki Beach

  • Try some street food

  • Visit an ABC convenience store


Check this website for upcoming festivals

  • We went to the Waikīkī  Ho‘olaule‘a

  • Lots of local street vendors with food, desserts and live music

Explore Waikiki
Ridge Trail
Sasabune Sushi

Shark Cage Diving

Located at North Shore​

  • 3 hours

  • Went with Hawaii Shark Encounters

  • Short boat ride out but if you're prone to seasickness may want to take motion sickness pills

  • Jump into a cage attached to side of boat with snorkels

  • Amazing experience to see sharks up close

Zanes Shrimp Truck

Located at North Shore​

  • Lots of other shrimp trucks and food choices

  • Decided to go with Zane's Shrimp Truck because line was too long at other trucks

  • Pretty delicious  

  • Tried the crepe truck as well

  • Wooden picnic benches available

Diamond Head Hike

Located South of Oahu

  • 45 minute hike

  • Fairly easy

  • Amazing views of Waikiki and other views of the island 

Located at Waikiki Beach

  • Amazing food

  • Beautiful atmosphere

  • A bit on the pricey side, but well worth it!

Shark Cage
Zanes Shrimp Truck
Dole Plantation
Diamond Head Hike

Located at the Middle of Oahu

  • Spent about 2 hours, depending how fast you can complete the maze

  • Iconic pineapple plantation of Hawaii 

  • Main things to do are:

    • Pineapple Express: train ride around the plantation​

    • Dole Whip: The iconic soft serve pineapple ice-cream, grab one and watch people pass by

    • Maze: One of the largest mazes, pretty fun until you get lost

    • Gardens: Lots of beautiful exotic plants and flowers

  • There are packages that accommodate for different activities that you are interested in

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