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Hawaii Shark Cage Diving

Shark Cage Diving in Hawaii

Driving up to the North Shore of Oahu is a beautiful journey of its own. Green hills scattered all around us and turquoise waters running to the horizon made this drive magical. Staring at the ocean, we started to wonder what we were getting ourselves into. Plunging into a metal cage in the middle of the ocean in shark-infested waters didn’t seem like such a great idea. We knew that if we did chickened out of this we would definitely regret it.

Driving to North Shore Oahu

At the dock we boarded the boat and was briefed on what to expect. We were told that we would see Galapagos Sharks and possibly Tiger Sharks. The sharks would be attracted to the sound of the boat engines. Our witty guide compared our cage to crab pots and that the sharks would be very curious to see what’s on the menu.

Shark Cage Diving in Hawaii

Also the conditions in our cage would be similar to a big washing machine, we had to make sure that none of our limbs would be sticking out of the cage… Awesome. When we got to the location shark fins started popping out of the water signaling it was time for us to get in the cage. Looking at the cage my life flashed before my eyes.

Shark Cage Diving in Hawaii

Once in the cage it was an amazing sight, so many sharks swimming around the cage. The fear was there but slowly the fear subsided and amazement grew. The sharks moved so elegantly through the water that you forget about the bloodthirsty image portrayed on these animals by the media. You start to realize the beauty of these animals and notice that they are just curious like us. Near the end of the dive a fellow diver tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out that my leg was sticking out of the cage. With a smirk on my face, I pulled my leg back in the cage and continue observing. One of our most memorable experiences we have ever done.

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