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Why You Should Stay at the Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel in Iceland

Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel in Iceland

After 12 days on our road trip around the ring road in a camper van, we decided to end our trip off at the Blue Lagoon so why not spend the night there too? You can read more about our day at the beautiful Blue Lagoon in our previous blog.

The Silica Hotel is on the Blue Lagoon property. This luxurious hotel sits in the middle of a stunning black lava field covered in green moss. Though not too cheap, if you have some room in your budget you may want to look into spending a night here.

Here's why we splurged a little!

1. Location is everything

The Walk to Blue Lagoon from the Silica Hotel in Iceland

Silica Hotel is about a 10 minute walk away from the Blue Lagoon. The walk to the Blue Lagoon is also a very scenic walk making the walk feel a lot shorter.

Contrary to what a lot of people might believe, the Blue Lagoon is not close to Reyjavik. It is a 50 minute bus ride away. With only limited hours of sunlight in Winter, why waste it on a bus? Wake up to enjoy your complimentary breakfast (more like a feast with various seasoned fish, cheese, fruit, waffles & just about everything you can think of) and walk over to enjoy your day at the Blue Lagoon!

2. It has its own private baths

Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel in Iceland Private Baths

When we were booking the hotel, we didn't really think too much about their private baths. Boy were we wrong! These baths are pretty much a miniaturized Blue Lagoon without the hustle and bustle. Most of the time we were the only ones in these pools. These pool also provide the same silica mud mask that you get from the Blue Lagoon for free. If you want to purchase any of the products, you get a 15% off at the hotel. The pools are also open till 10pm allowing for a nice late night dip before bed!

3. Premium Entrance to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is very iconic and the majority of people visiting Iceland look forward to including this spot on their trip and rightfully so. After enjoying the private baths at the Silica Hotel, we were still blown away how beautiful the Blue Lagoon is.

The Blue Lagoon is Stunning

With over 900 thousand visitors a year (that's more than double the population of Iceland!!), a lot of people complain about the lineups at the Blue Lagoon because of its popularity. During your stay at Silica Hotel, they have included one premium entrance to blue lagoon per guest. Having pre-booked tickets arranged by the hotel saves you the line up so you can spend more time enjoying yourself instead of waiting.

4. Atmosphere

Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel in Iceland

With only 35 rooms, the hotel books up very quickly so book well in advance. The atmosphere at the hotel is very tranquil and relaxing. The building's modern & minimalist design complements its natural surroundings. Throughout the hotel you can see rocks protruding into the building and how the hotel has incorporated the landscape into its design.

Aerial View of the Silica Hotel Iceland

Every room has a view of the beautiful black lava fields covered in green moss. Each room also has its own veranda that opens up into the lava fields. We also noticed some verandas even backed onto a small pool of the signature milky blue water.

Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel in Iceland

5. Treat Yo'self

Blue Lagoon Silica Hotels in Iceland Private Baths

It's okay to treat yourself once in awhile, you deserve it. Self care is an important thing we tend not to practice enough when we're so often consumed with everyday life & work. Be kind to yourself and don't wait for a special occasion!

Try the Silica Mud Mask at the Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel

What was your experience at the Silica Hotel? Will you be heading to the Blue Lagoon?

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