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A Night in Iceland's Bubble Hotel

Bubble Hotel Iceland

Lying in the comfort of a warm bed in the middle of an evergreen forest, just admiring all the stars in the sky. This was the perfect way to spend our first night in Iceland. The Buubble Hotel has dubbed themselves the million star hotel & for very good reason. There's no better way to stargaze - away from the city and in the comfort of a warm bed.

Bubble Hotel Iceland

​The bubble was heated with a constant flow of air. In the centre was a double bed with an electric blanket provided for added warmth and one lamp which gave the bubble its magical glow. There were outlets available in the bubble for the lamp & electric blanket. Once you turned off the lights the reflection of the bubble went away. The whole room disappeared, giving you the feeling as though you were lying in a forest with no barrier around you. Its quite magical to feel so naked, yet safe & warm at the same time. Unfortunately we did not see the northern lights while staying in the bubble, but the nights skies were clear and the stars were bright and twinkling.

Bubble Hotel Iceland

After we booked the hotel online several months ago for roughly $200 USD, we were given the coordinates of how to get to there via email. As they currently only have 6 bubbles available, it is always a good idea to book early.

The Buubble Hotel is approximately an hour out of Reykjavik into the area near Reykholt. The hotel is located near the Golden Circle, so this was a good place to stay the night before starting our drive around the Golden Circle the next day. We arrived after 6 pm after our day of hiking on the Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail. If you're planning arrive after 6 pm, give advance notice. We called the number provided in the email so we could be given more specific instructions.

At the shared facilities building, Sigga came to show us our room. The small heated building included a kitchen, dining area and two bathrooms. No personal items are provided so bring your own shampoo & body wash.

Our room was the Thorunn, which has a double bed. There were 6 different bubbles with different layouts, with plans for additional rooms to be added in the near future. The layout of the hotel grounds allowed for each room to be far enough from each other so that you feel as though you were the only ones in the area.

Once we got to the room we were given a few basic instructions. The bubble had two compartments. The first one was the mud room where you would leave your shoes. They do not recommend bringing your shoes into the sleeping area. Each compartment was separated by a zipper. It is important to enter one compartment at a time, closing off the zipper before entering the next compartment as the bubble is held up by warm air. If these instructions were not followed your bubble will actually start to deflate. Entering the bubble itself was an interesting experience, it felt like one of those Sci-Fi space movies with the airlock rooms. Keep in mind, this was just for the Thorunn bubble. They have several other bubbles with a different designs and some with metal framing which would not deflate.

Overall, we had a good experience and would recommend it!

For more information about the Buubble Hotel check their website & check out our gallery below for more photos.

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